Get Build

codefresh get builds [id..]

Get a specific build or an array of builds.

Passing [id] argument will cause a retrieval of a specific build.
In case of not passing [id] argument, a list will be returned.

Show Build Logs

codefresh logs <id>

Show logs of a build.

Restart Build

codefresh restart <id>

Restart a build by its id.

Terminate Build

codefresh terminate <id>

Terminate a build by its id.

This command will return once the request has been received from the server.
The termination process can take time according to the pipeline definition.

Wait For Build Condition

codefresh wait <id..>

Wait until a condition will be met on a build.

Wait command is useful in case there is a need to wait for a desired status on a specific set of builds.


codefresh approve <buildId>

Approve a pending-approval workflow.

approve <$BUILD_ID>.


codefresh deny <buildId>

Deny a pending-approval workflow.

deny <$BUILD_ID>.