Helm Repository

From HTTP web server

codefresh create context helm-repository http <name>

Create a helm-repository context from HTTP server.

A chart repository is an HTTP server that houses an index.yaml file and optionally some packaged charts.
When you’re ready to share your charts, the preferred way to do so is by uploading them to a chart repository.
Read more: https://github.com/kubernetes/helm/blob/master/docs/chart_repository.md.

From AWS S3 bucket

codefresh create context helm-repository s3 <name>

Create a helm-repository context from s3 bucket.

Helm repository can be stored in AWS S3 bucket.
Codefresh will integrate with the bucket in the following order
If environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY ,AWS_DEFAULT_REGION are set, will use it to create context.
You can override them using flags aws-access-key-id aws-secret-access-key aws-default-region.