Create a Hashicorp Vault secret-store context.

Secret-Store context are used during pipeline execution as API to resolve variables that are parse of Codefresh.


codefresh create context secret-store hashicorp-vault <name>


Option Alias Type Default Description
--sharing-policy string AccountAdmins Set the sharing policy for secret-store context

Possible values:
- AccountAdmins
- AllUsersInAccount
--help Print help information
--behind-firewall boolean false Set to true to mark this context with behind firewall flag
--api-url -a string URL of the vault server. required
--login-path string Path for given auth method. Leave out to use the default path for the type.
--namespace -n string Namespace is only valid for Vault Enterprise instances
--token -t string Token
--username -u string Username
--password -p string Password
--role-id -r string Role Id
--secret-id -s string Secret Id
--gcp-role string GCP Role
--kubernetes-role string Kubernetes Role
--kubernetes-jwt string Kubernetes Role