Create team


Create a team.

You can create a new team specifying only name of team or specify path to json file for include extended options
Possible fields in file:
name - team name (specifying name in file will rewrite name specified as command argument)
users - array of users id for that team
tags - array of tag names.


codefresh create teams <name>


codefresh create team <name>

codefresh create tm <name>


Option Alias Default Description
name Name of team


Option Alias Type Default Description
--help Print help information
--filename -f Filename or directory of spec files use to create the resource
--user-id -u array undefined
--tag -t array undefined


Creating a team specifying only team name

codefresh create team NAME

Creating a team using a file to specify additional options

codefresh create team NAME -f [pathToFile]