Install Codefresh Runner solution’s components on kubernetes cluster.


codefresh runner init


Option Alias Default Description
--help Print help information
--name Agent’s name to be created if token is not provided
--token Registration’s token
--url Codefresh system custom url
--kube-context-name Name of the kubernetes context on which venona should be installed [$CF_ARG_KUBE_CONTEXT_NAME]
--kube-node-selector The kubernetes node selector “key=value” to be used by venona build resources (default is no node selector) (string)
--dry-run Set to true to simulate installation
--yes -y Use installation defaults (don’t ask any questions)
--set-default-runtime Set this as the default runtime environment for your Codefresh account
--exec-demo-pipeline Run a demo pipeline after the installation completes
--in-cluster Set flag if venona is been installed from inside a cluster
--kube-namespace Name of the namespace on which venona should be installed [$CF_ARG_KUBE_NAMESPACE]
--kubernetes-runner-type Set the runner type to kubernetes (alpha feature)
--tolerations The kubernetes tolerations as path to a JSON file to be used by venona resources (default is no tolerations) (string)
--venona-version Version of venona to install (default is the latest)
--kube-config-path Path to kubeconfig file (default is $HOME/.kube/config)
--skip-version-check Do not compare current Venona’s version with latest
--verbose Print logs