Install or Upgrade Helm Chart


Install or upgrade a Helm chart Repository flag can be either absolute url or saved repository in Codefresh.


codefresh install-chart


Option Alias Default Description
–help Print help information
–cluster Install on cluster. required
–namespace default Install on namespace
–tiller-namespace kube-system Where tiller has been installed
–repository Helm repository (absolute url or name of context with type help-repository). required
–name Name of the chart in the repository. required
–version Version of the chart in the repository. required
–context Contexts (yaml
–set set of KEY=VALUE to be passed to the install
–detach - d Run pipeline and print build ID
–release-name The name to set to the release


Install chart from public helm repo

codefresh install-chart --repo

Get all helm repos

codefresh get ctx --type helm-repository

Install chart saved repo

codefresh install-chart --repo my-help-repository