Install gitops.


codefresh install gitops <provider>


Option Alias Default Description
provider Gitops provider. required

Possible values:
- codefresh
- argocd-agent


Option Alias Type Default Description
--help Print help information
--git-integration Name of git integration in Codefresh
--git-repo-url Url to manifest repo
--codefresh-integration Name of gitops integration in Codefresh ( Please create a dedicated context for the agent to avoid hitting the Github rate limits )
--argo-host Host of argocd installation
--argo-token Token of argocd installation. Preferred auth method
--argo-username Username of existing argocd installation. Should be used with argo-password
--argo-password Password of existing argocd installation. Should be used with argo-username
--update Update gitops integration if exists
--kube-config-path Path to kubeconfig file (default is $HOME/.kube/config)
--kube-context-name Name of Kubernetes context
--kube-namespace Namespace in Kubernetes cluster
--in-cluster boolean false Use this option if gitops provider is been updated from inside a cluster
--output -o Path to k8s manifest output file, example: -o /home/user/out.yaml
--sync-mode Synchronization mode

NONE - don’t synchronize SELECT - select applications for synchronization CONTINUE_SYNC - continuous synchronization ONE_TIME_SYNC - synchronize one time

Possible values:
- ONE_TIME_SYNC --sync-apps | | | | Applications to be synchronized --http-proxy | | | | http proxy to be used in the runner --https-proxy | | | | https proxy to be used in the runner --install-manifest | | string | | Url of argocd install manifest --set-argo-password | | | | Set password for admin user of new argocd installation --codefresh-host | | string | | Codefresh api host --codefresh-agent-suffix | | | | Suffix for agent application’s resources. Can be used for installing multiple agents in one namespace --values | | | | Specify values in a YAML file --bypass-download | | boolean | false | Will bypass the attempt to download the installer. Instead, will immediately attempt to use the binary from the components folder