Get Image


Get a specific image or an array of images.

Passing [id] argument will cause a retrieval of a specific image.
In case of not passing [id] argument, a list will be returned.


codefresh get images [id..]


codefresh get img [id..]

codefresh get image [id..]


Option Alias Default Description
id Docker Image id


Option Alias Type Default Description
--help Print help information
--limit number 25 Limit amount of returned results
--all -a boolean false Return images from all possible registries (by default only images will be returned)
--label -l array Filter by a list of annotated labels
--tag -t array Filter by a list of tags
--sha -s Filter by specific commit sha
--image-name array Filter by specific image name
--branch array Filter by specific branch
--page number 1 Paginated page

Output Options

Option Alias Type Default Description
--select-columns --sc Columns to select for table output
--output -o Output format

Possible values:
- json
- yaml
- wide
- name
- id
--date-format --df Provide predefined or custom date format. Predefined options: [“default”, “date”, “datetime”, “date-diff”]
--pretty Use colors and signs for output
--watch -w boolean false Watching updates to a particular resource
--watch-interval number 3 Interval time at watching mode (in seconds)


Get image ID

codefresh get image ID

Get all images

codefresh get images

Get all images that their name contains the word ‘node’

codefresh get images --image-name node

Get all images that are annotated with ‘value1’ for ‘key1’

codefresh get images -l key1=value1