Create Pipeline Trigger

codefresh create trigger [event-uri] [pipeline]

Create trigger: link pipeline to trigger-event.

Get Triggers

codefresh get triggers

Get triggers, optionally filtered by pipeline or event.

Only cron/registry triggers are supported (for git triggers use codefresh get pip <pip-name> -o json).

Get Trigger Event

codefresh get trigger-events [event-uri]

Get trigger-event.

Get Trigger Types

codefresh get trigger-types

Get a list of available trigger-types.

Delete Pipeline Trigger

codefresh delete trigger [event-uri] [pipeline]

Delete trigger: unlink pipeline from trigger-event.

Create Trigger Event

codefresh create trigger-event

Create new trigger-event.

Delete Trigger Event

codefresh delete trigger-event [event-uri]

Delete trigger-event.