Get System Runtime-Environments


Get a runtime environments configuration.


codefresh get system-runtime-environments [name]


codefresh get sys-re [name]

codefresh get system-runtime-environment [name]


Option Alias Default Description
name Runtime environments name


Option Alias Default Description
--help Print help information
--version Runtime environments version
--history Return all the history of the specific runtime environments
--successors -s Return all the successors of specific runtime environment
--limit 25 Limit amount of returned results
--page 1 Paginated page
--extend Return an extend runtime environment
--plan Set the plan of system plan runtime environment
--account id of the account we want to view his runtime environments
--accountIds array of accounts ids to view theirs runtime environments

Output Options

Option Alias Default Description
--output -o Output format

Possible values:
- json
- yaml
- wide
- name
- id
--pretty Use colors and signs for output
--watch -w Watching updates to a particular resource
--watch-interval 3 Interval time at watching mode (in seconds)