Create Trigger Event


Create new trigger-event.


codefresh create trigger-event


codefresh create te trigger-event


Option Alias Type Default Description
--help Print help information
--type trigger-event type. required
--kind trigger-event kind. required
--public boolean false wether trigger-event is public (system-wide): can be linked to any pipeline in any account
--secret string !generate trigger-event secret (omit to auto-generate). required
--value -v array trigger-event specific values pairs (key=value), as required by trigger-type
--context context with credentials required to setup event on remote system


Create registry/dockerhub trigger-event

codefresh create trigger-event --type registry --kind dockerhub --value namespace=codefresh --value name=fortune --value action=push

Create cron (once in hour) trigger-event

codefresh create trigger-event --type cron --kind codefresh --value expression="0 0 */1 * * *" --value message=hello

Create daily cron trigger-event

codefresh create trigger-event --type cron --kind codefresh --value expression="@daily" --value message=hello-all