Get Triggers


Get triggers, optionally filtered by pipeline or event.

Only cron/registry triggers are supported (for git triggers use codefresh get pip <pip-name> -o json).


codefresh get triggers


codefresh get trigger triggers

codefresh get t triggers


Option Alias Type Default Description
--help Print help information
--pipeline -p pipeline id
--event-uri -e event URI

Output Options

Option Alias Type Default Description
--select-columns --sc Columns to select for table output
--output -o Output format

Possible values:
- json
- yaml
- wide
- name
- id
--date-format --df Provide predefined or custom date format. Predefined options: [“default”, “date”, “datetime”, “date-diff”]
--pretty Use colors and signs for output
--watch -w boolean false Watching updates to a particular resource
--watch-interval number 3 Interval time at watching mode (in seconds)